Precision-Engineered, Warrantied, & Supported Extraction Equipment

A-B-C is Alcohol, Butane, and Carbon Dioxide

Welcome to ABC Extractors, an ABC Schools and Tools site. We are experts in cannabis oil extraction methods and equipment. ABC takes it name from the extraction methods we’ve developed using alcohol, butane, and C02 extractors.

Our customized extractors, whether C02 or hydrocarbon, are all-steel, closed-loop, and engineered to prevent cross-contamination while operating at industry-high standards of safety and efficiency.

The Science of Cannabis, from Seed to Molecule

Our machines, methodologies, and education enable extracts of the highest quality; in a complementary fashion, we sell and teach the machines and methods for the high-quality terpene extraction, reintegration, and enhancement for a better end product.

Equipment for Sale or Lease

For extraction equipment that is modular and re-configurable to meet whatever your desired end product or the needs of your production workspace, we supply the cannabis industry with a selection of curated and proven solutions:

Training, Support, and Intellectual Property